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A new home for Gavin

(October 29, 2017)

We're excited to be waving off gorgeous Gavin bunny (grey) to a wonderful new home today

Gavin has been with us for nearly a year due to having potential dental issues which needed monitoring. He has happily been signed off recently by our vets as healthy to re-home.

Gavin and new wife Blu (white) have had a very successful bunnymoon here for the week, and a lovely friendship seems to be blossoming. Please keep your fingers crossed that they settle in so well together an...d that Blu will welcome him into their lovely home.

Could the pair of them be anymore fluffily perfect for each other ha!?

Thank you very much to his lovely new family, all the very best for the future Gavin and Blu Xx

blu and gavin

rabbit housing - gavin and blu

rabbit housing - gavin and blu 2



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