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Are you feeding your rabbits correctly?

(March 12, 2013)

We've had a very sad reminder today of why a correct diet is so essential for the health of bunnies. Our gentle giant Wilf has been x-rayed by our rabbit specialist vet after recently struggling to get around. We were very shocked when his x-ray revealed his spine had a huge u-bend and seemed to be collapsing!! His bones in general appear very weak.

Our vet speculates that this is most likely as a result of being fed a museli based diet for several years before joining us. A selective diet lacking in vitamin D, coupled with a lack of sunlight as a house rabbit is a potentially very dangerous combination. Wilf is back with us safely but will sadly be permenantly disabled. He will of course be treated like a king until it is recommended that his welfare may be compromised. Please ensure that you're are not unknowingly risking your rabbit's health with an incorrect diet:


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