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Oliver's new home at Parrot Zoo

(May 19, 2010)
A tiring but exciting day today as we have driven a six hour round trip to safely deliver Oliver the cockatiel to his new home with the National Parrot Sanctuary Trust.
Oliver was surrendered to us by his owners before he was even one year old. He had been bought on a whim by people unwilling to give him the twenty year commitment that he deserved. He was being housed in completely inadequate accommodation and they very soon began to resent him being around. After such a bad start we are delighted that Oliver will live out his days as part of a huge flock of other parakeets and parrots. He will be able fly freely and display natural parakeet behaviour in a huge avairy.
We really enjoyed getting to know you Oliver, although we are pleased that you can now scream to your heart's content every morning without waking us up! We wish you a long and very happy life with your new feathered family at Parrot Zoo.

Oliver cockatiel

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