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A happy ending for Valentine's Day!

(February 14, 2016)

Lola joined us here in June after her devoted owner (who had rescued her a few years earlier from neglect) found herself in the heart-breaking position of being unable to care for her at that time.

Lola was around 8 years old. She had always lived alone due to her owner having been advised by her vets when she took her on that as middle aged she shouldn’t be neutered (we find neutering of mature female rabbits is often life-saving). Now at 8 years old and showing signs of old age the risks of her neuter were now greater. Despite being nervous we were very happy when our vets deemed Lola fit for the operation. Like so many older un-spayed female rabbits Lola did have several cancerous tumours in her uterus. These were removed during her operation. The operation was urgently needed by that stage.

Now neutered and back on her feet it was time for Lola to finally find love. Patiently waiting it took a while for Mr Right to come along…but then along hopped Lennox!

Lennox is a gorgeous natured bunny. He was very sadly left abandoned in a small cage on the pavement outside a local rabbit holiday borders. He turned out to be the perfect little gentleman. Lola accepted him as her companion almost instantly.

Lola’s owner’s commitment towards her has never been in any question. The two of them share a close bond. Therefore, we were absolutely delighted to hear that Lola’s owner would soon be in a position to have her home. Her owner was equally as delighted to hear that Lola had finally found love which she had wanted for her all along. Therefore, of course Lennox was would be leaving to set up home with her.

We know that the pair of them will be treated like royalty in their new home together. Reuniting Lola with her mum two days ago has been a magical moment for us and very special. We deal daily with owners with a shocking lack of commitment, or sense of responsibility towards their pets. To be able to help and support a truly dedicated owner (and a gorgeous bunny) through a very difficult time has been a pleasure to us.

Enjoy your pampered retirement back home with your mum where you belong old girl….and all the very best Lennox in your wonderful new life

lola (3) and lennox

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