Nibble News

Spring Fever!

(June 23, 2021)

We're delighted to see this update photo of ex Camp Nibbler Jasmine and her husbun Lionel looking very loved up. Jasmine and Lionel have been happily married in their wonderful home for nearly 6 years now with no issues at all. Out of nowhere, a couple of months ago, they caused their mum lots of upset and worry, chasing and mounting out of the blue. Lionel even ended up at the vets with a bitten willy, we expect due to Jasmine understandably losing her patience during a session of him mounting her head!

We’re delighted to see and hear that all of the excitement has now died down and harmony had resumed. ‘Spring fever’ is quite common even among neutered rabbits. There is some excellent information regarding hormonal behaviour in neutered rabbits here on the Rabbit Welfare Association website

jasmine and lionel

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