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Sweet dreams little Barry White

(May 12, 2016)

Sweet dreams to Barry White - A very sad start to a sunny day as we have found our Sanctuary sweetheart little Barry White very unexpectedly in his forever sleep.

This is always a horrible shock despite our special needs bunnies often having many complex issues. We'd spent time with him yesterday and he seemed fine (in his own special way). Therefore, we have the comfort that he went peacefully in his sleep.

Barry was a very sweet natured little man who joined us in 2013. He'd sadly been very neglected in his original home. He seemed to have suffered a broken foot in the past which had been allowed to heal without treatment leaving it very deformed. He was a special little bunny with a slight head tilt who we believed to be virtually blind. He was much more laid back than we expect in a healthy rabbit, and was often very distant and not quite all there, he was almost certainly brain damaged. Despite this, other than needing on-going treatment for an eye infection he bumbled along being looked after by his sanctuary buddies seemingly very happily.

Barry was impossible not to love and will be very much missed here. He'd clearly won the hearts of many of our supporters too as has passed away with many kind sponsors who we'd like to thank very much for supporting his retirement here. THANK YOU ALL.

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