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Summer holidays approaching...

(July 18, 2014)

The summer holidays are just around the corner and parents will be looking for ways to keep their children entertained whilst schools and playschools are closed (we included!)

More pet rabbits are sold at the start of the summer holidays than at any other time of year. Sadly, many of these are mistakenly taken on as cheap, easy pets. In many cases the care of these rabbits is left primarily in the hands of young children.

Modern welfare organisations are in now in agreement that rabbits have complex needs when cared for properly. They are no longer considered the ideal pet for small children and should be viewed as a family pet with the parents taking ultimate responsibility for all aspects of their care and welfare.

We urge parents not to take on pet rabbits for their children unless they too have a genuine interest in their welfare and having them as pets. We have advice for parents considering rabbits as pets for children here on our website.

For families hoping to provide a great home to some rabbits the care guides below from the Rabbit welfare Association and RSPCA are essential reading. There may be more work/expense involved in caring for rabbits well than you realise:

……and if you are thinking of offering a home to rabbits, with thousands being handed in to UK rescue shelters each year please ADOPT DON’T SHOP!

Thank you!

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