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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for June is Spiderman.

(June 12, 2019)

Spiderman is a sweet friendly small lop born in 2016. This adorable bunny was luckily helped by a kind care worker. She could see that he was very much in need of veterinary care, and that his welfare needs were not being properly met at all where he was so ensured that he received help.

Sadly, Spiderman has a very severe head-tilt and balance issues, making his longer term prognosis very uncertain. He is currently managing ok, but we are having to keep fingers and toes crossed that with treatment and lots of tlc his health will stabilise a little more enabling him to have a full quality of life.

He is a snuffly bunny with an obvious facial paralysis on the same side as his head tilts. We suspect that he has a serious middle/inner ear infection (possibly an abscess). Being lop eared unfortunately makes him much more likely than an uppy eared bunny to developing ear related health issues. 

He is not currently considered an ideal candidate for complex ear surgery. Therefore, we are hoping we will see some positive response to antibiotic treatment.

Spiderman bunny of the month

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