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A worrying week for the Nibblers

(February 01, 2019)

Well, its been a sad/worrying bunny week here. We'd been abscess free here for some time and then two pop up at once! Fluffy Wolverine is recovering well from his dental abscess surgery, but then out of the Blue (our reigning king) giant bun Santa also developed a huge horrible abscess on his face. He has also needed quite gruseme surgery, and will need a fair bit of post op care, but we are delighted to have him back home safely also recovering well. Thank you so much to our talented vets for helping them both.

Whilst our energies were going into worrying about whether Santa would come through his big surgery we had an awful shock to hear that our little sweetheart Clive Gibbons had passed away at the vets following a routine dental. This was completely unexpected and very sudden and just such a sad shock for both us and of course the lovely vets and nurses taking great care of him.

"You have been such a pleasure sweet Clive, we just had absolutely no idea this was your time xxx"

Maybe thinking we might not be worried enough tiny Nethie Black widow has joined in on the action by developing a wobbly head tilt and obvious neurolgical difficulties (we believe a complication from previous e.cuniculi infection). She is well in herself for the time being, so please do keep fingers crossed for her.

We very much hope that your lovely bunny families are giving you less to worry about just now!

clive wolverine santa black widow collage

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