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Our sanctuary bunny of the month for July is Pugwash.

(July 08, 2019)
Pugwash is a large breed lop born in 2012. He has sadly found himself in need of rescue support again at 7 years old. His previous owners had originally rescued him 4 years before. They'd kindly taken him on despite him having had a back leg amputated (reportedly following an accident involving a horse!)
Pugwash has managed so much better with his disability than would be expected in a bunny his size. Large/giant rabbits often do not cope well long-term after losing a back leg. He does still manage to get around happily, although of course not as easily as his 4 legged friends. He does need extra care. He struggles to clean out his own ear (which he can't reach himself), and needs extra help with hygiene.
Pugwash Bunny of the month

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