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Free food thanks to Tim guinea pig and Burgess

(November 12, 2010)
Tim guinea pig
Tim guinea pig is a former resident of Camp Nibble who has been lucky enough to find a fantastic forever home. Tim hasn't forgotten his pals here at the rescue though and has very kindly (with the help of his owners Ross and Clare!) been saving the barcodes from his Burgess Excel nuggets/herbage and forgage packets. For every five barcodes collected Tim can send off a loyalty card (freepost) to Burgess who then very generously send us a 10kg sack of Excel food for our rescue animals.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Tim (Clare & Ross) and Burgess for their support in this loyalty scheme.
Burgess Loyalty Card
With so many mouths to feed our food bills are high. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to Burgess and anyone who is able to collect barcodes on our behalf. If you use Burgess Excel products this is an amazingly easy way to help us enormously. If you have adopted a rabbit or guinea pig from us and use Excel feeds please drop us a line if you would like us to send you out a loyalty card.
We do not believe that many of the rabbit and guinea pig feeds available on the market support good health. We promote the feeding of Burgess Excel products to rabbits and guinea pigs and use this range a majority of the time. We have enormous respect for our rabbit specialist vet Frances Harcourt Brown so use Excel on her recommendation and encourage other rabbit and guinea pig owners to do the same.

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