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Happy endings!

(November 27, 2011)

We are so happy as Rachel guinea pig has made a full recovery (well almost!) and found a wonderful new home with a new friend called Ruby.  

Rachel joined us heavily pregnant on the brink of death. She was severly underweight (half the weight of a healthy adult guinea pig). She was also suffering from very severe mite & fungal infestations. The photo below does not show her at her most poorly, she had significantly improved here! At one stage she had open wounds and only around 20% hair coverage!

Rachel 10thsept11

When she arrived we did not believe that she would be able to survive to give birth to her babies. Therefore, we were absolutely delighted when our efforts to save the little family paid off and she gave birth to four healthy babies.

Rachel and babies  

rachels babies

Here's a photo of Rachel enjoying her new home with new pal Ruby. Ruby was also adopted from Camp Nibble some time ago. She sadly lost her partner Scampi recently so we are delighted for her also.

Many thanks to Lesley and Nichola for giving Ruby and Rachel the fantastic loving home they both deserve.

Ruby and Rachel


We are also over the moon that our gorgeous chinchilla family have also found their forever home. Susan (mummy) and her daughters Donna, Libby and Steph joined us in poor condition eighteen months ago. We were delighted when they found a fabulous home within a couple of months. However, bad luck struck the girls again when an unexpected change in circumstance meant that they had to return to us.

The chinnies were overlooked for months and months due to their age and us being unwilling to split them up. We had started to think they might stay with us permanently. We were overjoyed when out of the blue a perfect home was offered to them.

We hope that you are really happy girls and having loads of fun with your new family.


Susan Donna Stephanie Chinchilla rescue

Steph Chinchilla

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