Nibble News

No room left at the inn!

(June 29, 2010)
We are currently experiencing an unusually high number of people contacting us to surrender their pets. Some are very genuine cases many are sadly not. With limited space available to take in animals we are finding ourselves under increasing pressure. There is officially no room left at the inn and we have many animals on our waiting list.
Unfortunately adoptions have also slowed down considerably. We are hoping that people are reluctant to take on animals due to having summer holidays planned and that this situation will improve soon.
Our resources are being stretched to the maximum. The shelter's running costs are quickly growing and with few animals being adopted donations are coming to a standstill.
We need help to continue providing an exceptional level of care to animals in need. We currently have several rabbits undergoing veterinary care and several litters of unwanted baby rabbits waiting to join us. Each bunny we take in costs us over to £75 to neuter and vaccinate, and of course sick bunnies cost us significantly more!
We would be extremely grateful for donations of any amount at present and promise to put all funds raised to excellent use.
Many thanks for your support. We know that the animals we help really appreciate it.

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