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Happy Birthday Happy!

(August 02, 2019)

Happy 10th Birthday Happy!

This is quite a milestone birthday for a large breed bunny.
Happy is one of our current longest term residents having joined us at the end of 2015 aged 7.
This old boy is full of character but can be very feisty indeed. He has given some nasty and potentially quite dangerous bites! He was until recently the most human aggressive rabbit we had taken in over the years...until Damon joined us earlier this year and took over that title (his young apprentice maybe ha!?)

Luckily, he is a bunny’s bunny and can live very happily with his rabbit friends once very carefully bonded. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about him being lonely.

He will be retiring with us here where he will be forgiven any ferociousness, and will receive all of the love and vet care he needs now that old age has set in. We will continue to do whatever we can to make this wonderful grumpy old fella as 'Happy' as possible.

Happy birthday dude!! Xxx

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