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Rabbit Awareness Week 2019 theme announced - Protect and Prevent

(April 02, 2019)

This year's Rabbit Awareness Week theme will be 'Protect and Prevent' and will be raising awareness around Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD2). RVHD2 is a new variant of RVHD1 and is often fatal.

Many rabbits in the UK are not vaccinated against this deadly disease and are therefore at risk. This year we are asking all rabbit owners in the UK to make sure that their rabbits are vaccinated against this and other fatal diseases.

Protection against RVHD2 requires at least annual vaccination but the most recent figures show that only 137,405 vaccinations have been distributed in the last year – meaning less than 15% of Britain’s pet rabbit population is protected against the disease. According to the PDSA 2018 Paw Report the main reason owners gave for not vaccinating, was that their rabbits never encounter other animals.

However, this is only one method in which the disease can travel and unfortunately, unvaccinated outdoor and indoor rabbits are still in danger. We hope that with your support we can educate owners and improve the lives of our furry friends. RAW 2019 takes place between 1st – 9th June. #RAW2019

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