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Sweet dreams to our very special Quincy

(October 26, 2017)

Quincy was a tiny 800g bunny who was rescued from very poor conditions before being brought to us at around 6 months old. He had brain damage, the cause of which is not fully known. Due to this he was blind, had very poor hearing and suffered from tremors, and as he got older developed splayed legs.

Understandably, this special little bunny could become quite stressed and confused easily. He did not enjoy being handled. However, when ...he was relaxed and settled with his friends he was a very happy little chap. Despite his issues we feel that he really did enjoy his three years here bumbling around. He took great comfort from his family of sanctuary bunny friends of various shapes and sizes, who looked out for him and kept him feeling safe and warm.

This little man has managed so well against all the odds for the past 3 years. He has had a short life for a rabbit. However, he has done much better than we could have ever really hoped or expected, and remained happy until he very sadly left us suddenly earlier this week for which we are grateful.

‘Definitely the most adorable thing to happen to Camp Nibble! You were very much-loved Quincy and will be impossible to forget

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported Quincy during his time with us, and of course our vets for their help with him. Quincy was kindly sponsored by Louise and her Trawden Soap Kitchen during his time with us, thank you very much indeed to Louise for this.

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