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A sad update as we say goodbye to Black Widow

(February 07, 2019)

A sad update I'm afraid as we've needed to say goodbye to adorable little Black Widow. After developing a worrying head tilt a week ago her condition sadly declined very rapidly, and we were advised today that euthanasia would be the fairest thing for her.

This little lady has always been full of life, and didn't let being blind in one eye hold her back at all. Its been a real joy to see her enjoying a fun two years here with her closely bonded sanctuary friends. We're only sad that she couldn't stay happy and well for much longer.

"You be careful little one in whatever crime fighting adventure you have moved onto now xxx"

In happier news Wolverine and Santa are both doing well in their recoveries following recent abscess surgeries.

Advent Calendar black widow square selfie hannah


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