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You'll be missed Ewy and Mr Bean x

(August 04, 2020)
We're paying tribute to two of our very special bunnies who have sadly recently both gone to their forever sleep.
Ewy and Mr Bean were both little sweethearts who battled on bravely against the odds, with quite the impressive collection of chronic health issues between them.
Both bunnies lived with complicated advanced dental disease, and on-going infection. They were both in and out of the vets for regular procedures and medications. Despite this, we believe they had a happy retirement with us, very much loved by us and their huddle of closely bonded sanctuary friends (a sad sight to have only 3 buns left in the huddle now).
During their time with us both bunnies had successful complicated surgeries which helped to keep their health stable for a lot longer than would have been possible otherwise. Ewy had needed one of her tear ducts relocating to prevent infection from damaging her eye, and My Bean had needed a lateral wall resection to manage a serious ear infection. We are very grateful to our talented vets for these procedures.
Its very strange to suddenly not have you both here needing your meds, and eyes and ears tending to each day. It was never a chore little sweethearts, you were always a pleasure. I hope you are taking care of each other now, and maybe even hooking up somewhere with some old friends Xxx
Thank you very much to everyone who has helped to support Ewy and Mr Bean during their retirements with us.
Ewy and Mr Bean tribute
sanctuary shed huddle

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