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Happy 10th birthday to Pickle Rick our sanctuary bunny of the month for July.

(July 19, 2021)
Happy 10th Birthday Pickle Rick!
On such a big bunny birthday you definitely deserve to be sanctuary bunny of the month for July.
Pickle Rick is a very handsome crossbreed born in 2011. He joined us in need of rescue support at 9 years old after being handed into a vet practice. He has an obvious deformity to one of his front legs, which bends at a severe angle. This means he uses his elbow to walk on rather than his foot. This is not a new injury and is more likely a deformity from birth.
We are guessing that Pickle Rick might have lived alone so far as he has joined us un-neutered. Therefore, it's been such a joy to see him living so happily with us as part of a large group of bunnies with various special needs. Since joining us, Pickle Rick has lost sight in one eye. We need to monitor the eye for any further severe changes that might impact his quality of life. As an older man now, we hope this will stay stable to spare him any major surgeries. He is currently happy and enjoying his retirement to the full.
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