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Big bunnies with smelly bottoms!

(August 09, 2015)

Big bunnies with smelly bottoms! After spending a lovely sunny afternoon cleaning very smelly bunny bottoms this feels like a good time to remind everyone why feeding traditional muesli style rabbits foods is becoming accepted in the rabbit welfare world as such a big no no!

This page from the RSPCA has some very good info:

We’ve been joined by a family of 6 very obese muesli eaters this weekend completely unable to keep themselves clean due to their excess rolls of fat. The heaviest of these medium sized crossed breeds is 4.5kg this makes her possibly 2kg overweight eeeek! This great page from The Rabbit House also has some great info:

You can see from the photo just how sore and uncomfortable these poor bunnies’ skin is once the poop has been cleaned. It’s very sad to see such pretty naturally extremely clean animals in such an unpleasant smelly state, especially when it’s often very avoidable with simple dietary changes.

On hot days like this with flies buzzing around these rabbits if left uncleaned are at very high risk of become victims of flystrike.

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