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A happy ending for Maude and Monica

(September 15, 2012)

Like so many bunnies Monica & Maude ended up in rescue when their family became 'bored' of them. We are delighted that they are finally being appreciated for the fabulous bunnies they are :)

'Just thought you'd like to know that Maude and
Monica have settled into their new home really well. They are very placid and love being fed by hand, particularly dandelion leaves and spring greens so far. Monica (white & brown) seems slightly more adventurous than Maude and enjoys going down the extra tunnel onto the run on the lawn, but they have both become pro's at running down the long tunnel between the hutch and main run. The children are loving having them around and the older two go into the run with them to feed and stroke them before school each day.'

Thank you to Monica and Maude's lovely new family!

Monica and Maude cuddling

Monica dandeloins

Maude tunnel


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