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A new home for Toni and Jaws

(June 27, 2021)
We delivered Toni and Jaws to their bunderful new home last Saturday, and are so happy to see them looking so at home already.
We originally rescued Jaws in 2015 as a youngster. He had been abandoned at a vets by his owners due to being born with misaligned incisors (front teeth). We were able to re-home him after having his troublesome teeth removed, and he has stayed well ever since.
We originally re-homed Jaws to be bonded to Toni, who needed a companion 5 years ago. Toni was fortunate to have been helped after she was brought home by a cat as a baby! Having been well looked after in the meantime, sadly, Jaws needed to be returned to us a couple of months ago. Of course, Toni came with him as his bonded companion.
Older pairs like Toni and Jaws do often get continually overlooked in favour of younger bunnies. Therefore, we are delighted to have found these friendly wonderful bunnies a great home without an extended stay back in rescue.
Good luck you two, have a wild time in your new home! And many thanks to their lovely new bunny parents.
Toni and Jaws new home

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