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The Quilting Rabbit

(November 03, 2013)

Please support this lovely new website who will be donating 10% of their profits back to charity (including Camp Nibble)

About Us

The Quilting Rabbit is a creation of mother and daughter team, Suzanne & Jazzi. For reasons now lost in time, Jazzi has always been known as 'little Jazzi Rabbit' and rabbits and other animals have always been part of our family.

Twenty years ago Suzanne was running a business making period inspired bridal wear but gave it up to return to the corporate world. However, the urge for creativity and the lure of the fabric box never went away and eventually the idea for the Quilting Rabbit materialised.

How We Do It

The vast majority of our fabrics have been sourced from the donations which you have made to charity shops (supplemented by a few donations from friends and wellwishers to start us off – THANK YOU ALL).

Every item which comes to us is prepared for maximum usage – buttons, trimmings, linings, even the little satin hanging ribbons are all carefully harvested for later use. After laundering, every scrap of the main fabric is put to good use – bigger pieces go into quilts, cushions and pet beds, smaller pieces become covered hangers, accessories and lavender rabbits and the smallest scraps are turned into trimmings and covered buttons.  Anything which really can’t be reused is shredded for stuffing – nothing is wasted!

The only thing we buy new is thread, interfacing and the wadding for our nursery quilts – we thought you would like your baby to have new! Every item you buy from us will list the charities from which we bought the materials. We are happy to discuss the provenance of any item in our range.

Having sourced all our materials through charity shops, every six months we will donate 10% of our profits back to charity so they benefit at both ends of the process. Visit our charity page to see how it’s adding up.

Shopping with the Quilting Rabbit means you will be buying beautiful and unique products, doing a bit more to help the environment and helping to support deserving organisations.

What’s not to like??

The quilting rabbit

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