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Unwanted Christmas Presents?

(December 27, 2011)

We hope that you all had a brilliant Christmas. We had a lovely day here and made sure that Santa visited all of the rescue animals. We have some very kind supporters and received some absolutely lovely treats to share out amongst everyone. Thank you so much to all of our secret santas and everyone who was kind enough to think of our rescue animals this Christmas.

Despite receiving such perfect presents for the rescue animals we can't be alone in always receiving a couple of dodgy Christmas presents ourselves from friends and family he! he! To us though there is no such thing as a useless present. They are all just fantastic desperately needed tombola/raffle prizes to help us raise funds! Any gifts in new condition are so gratefully received and are invaluable as prizes to use at our many fundraising events throughout the year.

If you would like to donate an unwanted present to Camp Nibble we can give it a fantastic home. Please contact us for details of how to send them to us or drop them off if you in Leeds.


Kirkstall Festival 2010


As always we are extremely grateful for your support!




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