Sponsor A Sanctuary Animal

Sponsoring one of our special animals is a fun way to help support our work. Sponsorship costs £25 and lasts for one year. As a sponsor you will receive a one-off sponsorship pack containing: 

  • A letter.

  • An A4 laminated sponsorship certificate featuring a photo of your sponsor animal.

  • A Camp Nibble t-shirt OR shopping bag OR organic Trawden Soap Kitchen lip balm tin & soap set - You choose?

  • A Camp Nibble pen

  • A Christmas/Birthday card/Easter card (if being bought as a gift)

*Our sanctuary animals are very happy to have more than one sponsor at a time! Therefore, you are able to sponsor an animal who already has a sponsor.

Animal Sponsorship Form
  • Please tick to confirm that you have donated via Justgiving.com (minimum £25):
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