Rabbit Care/Rabbit welfare


We strongly encourage anyone considering rabbits as pets to read these excellent guides from the RWAF and RSPCA. It is really appreciated if people have taken time to read through these to ensure that they understand the proper welfare needs of rabbits before enquiring to adopt:




We give full credit to saveafluff.co.uk for the links to their rabbit care pages below. We fully recommend this website as a fantastic source of information for anyone researching responsible rabbit ownership prior to taking them on as pets:
An interview with the RWAF vet advisor Richard Saunders. Please watch this if considering rabbits as pets.

An important message from Penny the rabbit:

* We can live over 10 years.
* Our vet bills can be very expensive.
* We need a lot of space to run around - a small hutch is not enough!
* We eat a very particular diet and if you don't feed us correctly, you could make us very poorly or even kill us! It can be expensive to supply us with the correct diet too!
* You need to change our water daily - would you drink dirty water?
* We need an unlimited supply of hay to eat - this can be expensive too!
* We don't all like to be cuddled and can give you a nasty bite or a scratch if you handle us in the wrong way!
* We don't all like to be litter trained and some of us will poop and pee all over you and your house!
* We like to dig and will quite happily pull up your carpet!
* Chewing is one of our favourite things to do! We will even chew yout walls, skirting boards, carpet, clothes and furniture!
* We get very lonely so you have to pay us a lot of attention!
* We like to live with other bunnies so we would like you to get us a friend - that means twice the poop to clean, twice the amount of food to buy, twice the amount of vet bills and not to mention the fact that you will need a lot of time and patience to bond us!!!
* Our fur gets everywhere! You will find your clothes covered in fur and every surface in your house will need extra cleaning as they too will be covered in fur!
* We need to be spayed/neutered otherwise we can be very hormonal and may become aggressive or start spraying our pee everywhere.
* You need to groom us to keep our fur neat and tidy and to stop us from swallowing it and getting ill!
* We like toys to play with - they can be very expensive and don't usually last long so you have to keep buying them.
* We need vaccinations yearly and regular health checks to make sure that our teeth are healthy, our claws are the correct length and that we are not overweight.
* If you go on holiday, you will need somebody to look after us!
* We are very delicate and if you handle us incorrectly, you could seriously hurt us!
* WE ARE NOT TOYS FOR CHILDREN TO PLAY WITH! In fact, we are not a great choice of pet for small children at all!
* Oh, and we like to eat some of our own poops! Mmmm! 
I could go on! Do your research and make an informed decision. If you can handle all of the above, great!  We have lots of positive points too but I want you to consider these negatives! If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best! 
The RWAF - A comprehensive list of informative online rabbit care information leaflets and advice sheets are available from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund website. There is so much contradictory information around concerning rabbit care. In our opinion this is the most accurate and up to date rabbit care information available. 
Please consider supporting the fantastic work of the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund by becoming a member.


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