Rabbit Diet

Many of the health issues that our sanctuary rabbits arrive with can be attributed to an incorrect diet. This sadly means that in many cases they could have been avoided. Feeding pet rabbits correctly is one of the most important things you can do to keep them happy and healthy.

'Hop to Hay' and the importance of a correct diet is the theme for Rabbit Awareness Week 2017. Find out more here, and please watch our short awareness video below:

What should I be feeding my pet rabbits?

Around 80-90% of a healthy rabbit's diet should consist of a variety of good quality grasses or hays. This is a pile each day around the same size as your rabbit! The remainder can be made up of a small handful of good quality rabbit nuggets, rabbit safe green vegetables, herbs and forage.

For detailed rabbit diet information please vist the following excellent pages from the website of Frances Harcourt-Brown BVSc FRCVS.

The Rabbit Welfare Association have an excellent detailed diet section here on their website.