Cages for sale

We often have good quality spare second hand indoor cages available to sell for your new pet. As our storage space is very limited we can only store a small number of spare cages. People are usually very reluctant to make a cash donation to the shelter for us to help their animal. However, often animals are surrendered in their cages. Some of these cages are good quality and in good condition and would be expensive for new owners to buy new. Selling these occassionally to new owners at reasonable prices can help us raise desperately needed funds for the shelter. Its also a great way to bag a great cage at least half of the usual retail price!
We usually have various second hand indoor guinea pig, rat, hamster, chinchilla, degu and mouse cages available for sale. We also have second hand cat carriers available for sale. These are perfect for transporting rabbits and guinea pigs.
We do not often have spare cages/hutches available that are suitable for keeping rabbits in. Unfortunately a very large number of the cages/hutches manufactured for rabbits are not an appropriate size for rabbits. Therefore, we can only sell these to use for guinea pigs.
If you would like details of the cages, carriers or runs that we have for sale please contact us. We will only sell cages that are appropriate for the animals that will be using them.
Please note that we only sell cages locally (we are based in Leeds) so that they can be collected/delivered in person.
We really appreciate your support.