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Amazon Wishlist - As an alternative to a monetary donation you may prefer to know exactly how your donation has been used. If you would like to send a present to our shelter or even to a particular animal our Amazon wishlist below shows the kinds of things that are really useful to us. If you order directly from amazon using the link you can have the items delivered directly to us:
Our resources are always very stretched. Therefore, we really appreciate donations of:
  • Appropriate pet supplies such as pet foods/treats/veggies, sawdust, and hay etc.

  • Indoor pet cages in good usable/sellable condition. We're afraid that we are unable to accept very small rabbit/guinea pig cages (under 4ft long) as our storage space is very limited and we are unable to use/sell these. We are unable to support the use of cages that have been inappropriately manufactured and are too small for purpose. We therefore end up having to dispose of some in very good condition just to get them out of circulation! Any good sized cages are very gratefully received.

  • Any unwanted items in new condition that would be suitable for us to use as raffle/tombola prizes at our various fundraisers. We rely on successful fundraising to continue to help animals in need.

  • Any craft items (especially animal themed) that we can sell on our various fundraising stalls throughout the year. We know that their are lots of very creative crafty folk out there!
If you have any suitable unwanted items that you think we could use at the shelter or as a fundraising prize please contact us.
We are extremely grateful your help.
Stella Tilly Bambi dwarf rabbits adoption

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