Animal Adoption

If you are looking for a small animal friend to join your family please consider adopting an animal in need. Giving an unwanted pet a second chance is such a rewarding thing to do. There are thousands of abandoned small animals living in rescue shelters throughout the UK who are waiting to find their loving forever home.

Before offering to adopt a pet we urge you to please do your research. Please ensure that you understand the needs of that animal species, and think hard as to whether or not you will be able to fulfil your pet’s needs for the rest of its life.
In order to adopt an animal from us we suggest a minimum donation amount to be made (Click here for suggested donation amounts). We hope that anyone adopting a rescue animal from us shares our passion for helping animals in need, and understands that this donation is essential for us to continue our work and attract committed new owners.
If you would like to enquire about adopting any of our rescue animals please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form. We require the adoption enquiry form to be submitted before we can invite you over to meet our rescue animals.

As a home based shelter we are only open to the public via appointment. To ensure that we are re-homing responsibly we ask potential new owners to first of all provide various basic information via our adoption enquiry form. We can then invite suitable new owners to come over and meet us and our animals.

Please do not be offended if we are unable to accept your offer to rehome a particular animal. We take the responsibility of finding new homes for the animals in our care very seriously. Some of our animals have special needs and we may be looking for a very particular type of home for them.