Our Camp Nibblers

All of our Camp Nibblers are animals who have found themselves in need of rescue support for a variety of reasons. In many cases they have been abandoned, or have been victims of cruelty/neglect before joining us.

We specialise in helping very hard to re-home rescued animals, and operate primarily as a sanctuary for small animals with complicated health issues. Therefore, a vast majority of our rescue animals are now permanent sanctuary residents. Our sanctuary animals shown here are in most cases not available to be adopted. They will retire here at Camp Nibble receiving all of the love and care they need.  

*We will from time to time have healthy rescue animals (most will have joined us as rescue emergencies) looking for new homes. These may not be featured below. Priority to adopt these will be given to our previously vetted trusted homes. Therefore, if you have previously been approved to adopt from us, and are looking to offer another rescue animal a home please do get in touch in case we have someone suitable in need of a home*

santa alice sanctuary cover sponsor

Sponsoring one of these special animals is a fun way to help support our work. To sponsor an animal/s we ask for a minumim £25 donation, and sponsorship lasts for one year. As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship pack containing:  

  • A letter.
  • An A4 laminated sponsorship certificate featuring a photo of your sponsor animal.
  • A Camp Nibble t-shirt OR shopping bag OR Trawden Soap Kitchen soap & lip balm.
  • A Christmas or Birthday card (if applicable)

 Animal sponsorship makes a great gift for an animal lover!        

sanctuary gift collage

 *Please note: Our sponsor pack gifts currently still display our 'rescue' strap line on the logo rather than our newer 'sanctuary' strap line. These will be updated once we have used up current stocks so that we don't waste any unnecessary funds!*

To sponsor a sanctuary animal (featured below) please make your donation via our justgiving.com page. Then fill in the following form with the required details: 

Animal Sponsorship Form
  • Please tick to confirm that you have donated via Justgiving.com (minimum £25):


Thank you for your support!

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